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Market Research Experts specializing in B2B

Global Network in over 50 countries


Market Research Experts in B2B

Through our network of industry experts, IM Industrial gathers information and conduct market analysis. Through interviews with experts, we provide information that can contribute to the expansion of our clients’ business.




IM Industrial covers a wide range of industries and fields

IM Industrial is capable of conducting research in various fields in B2B, covering a wide range of areas such as automotive, chemical, healthcare, machinery and equipment, and etc. IM Industrial can also conduct market research in niche areas such as specific materials and components, products used only for specific applications, and items manufactured by only a few companies globally, allowing us to tailor our research to the client’s needs.



Global Network in over 50 countries

IM Industrial has a network of industry experts and researchers in Asia, North America, Europe, and other countries around the world, and by conducting research directly in the field, we can gather information in real time.