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Market Overview Survey

IM Industrial conducts market overview research on specific products in specific regions and countries.

Our market overview research includes analysis of market size, trends, manufacturer market share, price trends, and supply chain for a specific product. We also conduct in-depth research on individual key players, which can be used as basic data for your business development.

User Survey

IM Industrial surveys your existing and potential customers about their needs for specific products and their current usage. This can be used as an important indicator for your company’s product development and sales activities.


IM Industrial has a broad network in Japan, from different industries, such as Chemical / Raw Materials, Machinery / Equipment, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, IT, and etc.

IM Industrial can recruit participants for your market research, including In-Depth Interview (IDI), Focus Group Interview, Online Research.

Our network includes both B2B (Industry experts) and Consumers, so depending on your needs, we can recruit different respondents.

<Chemical / Raw Materials>





<Machinery / Equipment>




-Maintenance Agent





-Components Supplier (Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3)


-Car Repair Shop



-Construction Materials Manufacturer

-Construction Machinery/Equipment Manufacturer

-Construction Company


<Information Technology>

-App Developers

-Web / SEO Engineer

-Support Engineer

-IT System Engineer



Fields: Anesthesiology / Angiology / Cardiology / Contraceptives & Fertility / Dermatology / Diabetology / Endocrinology / Gastroenterology / Gerontology / Gynecology / Hematology / Internal Medicine / HIV / Infectious Diseases / Neonatology / Nephrology / Neurology / Oncology / Ophthalmology / Orthopedy / Pediatrics / Pharmacology / Plastic and specialized surgeries / Psychiatry / Pneumology / Pulmonology / Radiology / Rare Diseases / Rheumatology / Sexual Disorders / Transplants / Urology / Virology






-Hospital administrators


-Clinical Trial

-Lab/imaging technicians

Distributor Survey

IM Industrial will create a list of potential distributors for your company’s overseas expansion, and conduct a survey to obtain basic information on these companies and their willingness to become distributors. We can also conduct interviews with existing distributors regarding their current business conditions, and conduct surveys that can be utilized to strengthen your distributor channels for your overseas business.

Company Data / Competitor Intelligence

IM Industrial provides basic data on specific companies.

*Data availability depends on country/company.

Data typeDataDelivery TimeFee
Basic DataRevenue
Operating Profit
Number of employees
3 daysContact
Detailed DataSales by business segment / product
Sales Chanell
Organization Structure
1-2 monthsContact

Import / Export Data

IM Industrial provides trade statistics and shipment information.

*The scope of information might be limited depending on the country. Please contact us to know the data availability.

Data TypeData ProvidedPeriod of CoverageDelivery TimeFee
Export Data by countryExport Volume
Export Value
Average Price
5 years3 daysContact
Import Data by countryImport Volume
Import Value
Average Price
5 years3 daysContact
Individual Export / Import DataHS Code
Product Description
Exporter /Importer
Export / Import Volume
Export / Import Value
1 year3 daysContact

Company Listing

IM Industrial creates a list of companies that can be your potential customers or partners.

Data TypeData ProvidedDelivery TimeFee
Company ListCompany Name
Number of Employees
Business Overview
2-4 weeksContact

How to Work with IM Industrial

1. Contact US
First, please let us know what kind of market information your company would like to obtain. Even if it is not specific yet, please feel free to contact us.

2. Meeting
We will respond to your request and we can have a discussion.
We will propose the contents of the survey, delivery date, costs, etc., according to your company’s requirements.

3. Revision and discussion of survey contents
After reviewing our proposal, we will revise any excesses or deficiencies, and so on.
We will design a survey that meets your company’s objectives.

4. Order placement and survey start
Once there are no problems with our proposal and you have placed an order, we will begin the survey.

5. Report of Survey Results
We will submit a report of the survey results.
We will also set up a meeting to explain the results.
Upon request, we can also provide you with an interim report at an earlier stage of the project.