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Japan Market Research

Local Network for B2B Research Specialists



Japan Market Research

Market Research Experts in B2B

Through our network of industry experts in Japan, IM Industrial gathers information and conduct market analysis. Through interviews with experts, we provide information that can contribute to the expansion of our clients’ business. 


IM Industrial covers a wide range of industries and fields

IM Industrial is capable of conducting research in various fields in B2B, covering a wide range of areas such as automotive, chemical, healthcare, machinery and equipment, and etc. IM Industrial can also conduct market research in niche areas such as specific materials and components, products used only for specific applications, and items manufactured by only a few companies globally, allowing us to tailor our research to the client’s needs.


Local Presence for B2B Market Research in Japan

IM Industrial has a network of industry experts and researchers in Japan and by conducting research directly in the field, we can gather information in real time.



Research Services


Market Overview Research

Our market overview research includes market size, trends, manufacturer market share, price trends, and supply chain for a specific product. We also conduct in-depth research on individual key players, which can be used as basic data for your business development.


User Survey
IM Industrial surveys your existing and potential customers about their needs for specific products and their current usage. This can be used as an important indicator for your company’s product development and sales activities.



IM Industrial has a broad network in Japan, from different industries, such as Chemical / Raw Materials, Machinery / Equipment, Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, IT, and etc.

IM Industrial can recruit participants for your market research, including In-Depth Interview (IDI), Focus Group Interview, Online Research.

Our network includes both B2B (Industry experts) and Consumers, so depending on your needs, we can recruit different respondents.


Distributor Survey
IM Industrial will create a list of potential distributors for your company’s overseas expansion, and conduct a survey to obtain basic information on these companies and their willingness to become distributors. We can also conduct interviews with existing distributors regarding their current business conditions, and conduct surveys that can be utilized to strengthen your distributor channels for your overseas business.


Company Data / Competitor Intelligence
IM Industrial provides basic data on specific companies, such as revenue, operating profit, and number of employees. Also, we can obtain more detailed information, such as sales by business segment/product, customer, sales channel, organization structure, etc.


Company Listing
IM Industrial creates a list of companies that can be your potential customers or partners.





In-depth Interview (IDI)
In-depth interview is conducted by either face-to-face, online, or telephone. It is an ideal method for market research to obtain valuable insights in target topics. One advantage of in-depth interview is our experts can deep-dive into the topics. Usually we prepare questionnaire (discussion guide) for interviews and ask question one by one, but it is important to ask extra questions for respondents’ answer to our first question. It requires interviewer’s experience regrading the topics.


Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is an interview/discussion method that brings typically 4-8 participants to discuss specific topics. FGD is conducted either in online or offline (face-to-face). In case of offline, IM Industrial uses a meeting room that is equipped with observation room (on-way mirror room), video/audio recording, and sim-translator room.




Chemical / Raw Materials
IM Industrial supports research in chemical fields such as plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives, paints, and other additives. 


IM Industrial conducts research on various types of production equipment and machinery. We conduct research on the market size, competitive environment, and market trends of equipment and machinery used in infrastructure, plants, and laboratories in specific regions.


IM Industrial covers each segment of the automotive manufacturing supply chain, including complete vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1, Tier 2, and raw material manufacturers.


IM Industrial handles a wide range of research in the healthcare field, from medical devices and medical supplies used in the medical field to devices such as wearable devices that monitor the body’s condition on a daily basis.


A wide variety of products are used in housing, including kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and other water-related equipment and devices, air conditioners and other air conditioning equipment, doors, wallpaper, windows, and sashes. IM Industrial conducts research on equipment and building materials related to housing. 

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