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Minister of Communication and Informatics Visits Smart Factory Using 5G Network in Batam.

Minister of Communication and Informatics visited one of Schneider Electric Smart Factory in Batam. His visit was to see firsthand the operational activities of smart factories with the use of 5G networks and map the needs of industry players for a strong and reliable data center to optimize productivity. The visit to the Schneider Electric Smart Factory was part of a series of activities of the Minister of Communication and Informatics to review the construction of the National Data Center in Nongsa Batam and the handover of land certificates of the National Data Center. In Indonesia, Schneider Electric has 3 factories in Batam, and 1 in Cikarang, all of which have been transformed into smart factories since 2017. Schneider Electric’s smart factory in Batam has been appointed by the Ministry of Industry as the National Lighthouse Making Indonesia 4.0 since 2018 and is also recognized by the World Economic Forum as part of the Global Lighthouse network for the industrial revolution 4.0.

Schneider Electric Smart Factory in Batam is also one of the first smart factories in Indonesia that has utilized the 5G network for its operational activities. Schneider Electric’s smart factory operations clearly demonstrate how the role of data centers is increasingly crucial in collecting, processing, managing and distributing large amounts of data quickly and without latency. Connectivity in supporting digital transformation in the industrial sector needs to be supported by a qualified data center infrastructure. Not only in terms of information technology but also the electrical system, and the skills of its human resources. This is the top priority in developing the data center industry in Indonesia, including the development of 5G networks.”

Therefore, the data center industry needs technology partners such as Schneider Electric who can provide innovative solutions to improve reliability, speed, efficiency while still paying attention to environmental impact. The factory in Indonesia produces low to medium-voltage electromechanic, electronic, sensor and electrical equipment marketed to local as well as export to Europe, America, China and Asia Pacific to meet the needs of energy management and automation in the industrial sector. One of them is the Data Center industry.

The visit of the Minister of Communication and Informatics is expected to open up opportunities for dialogue and collaboration in supporting the Communication and Information Technology agenda in building the National Data Center infrastructure through data center solutions and experiences owned by Schneider Electric. Since 2021, Schneider Electric has collaborated with Telkomsel to support the digital connectivity of our smart factory in Batam by utilizing the 5G network. With the utilization of this 5G network, our smart factory benefits from reliable network support with qualified bandwidth and speed.

The smart factory in Batam has become a pilot for the implementation of IIoT for industry players in Asia, and proves to customers and partners that digitalization is easy to do and helps them in accelerating the implementation of their digital transformation plans. It has received visits from more than thousands of professionals and enterprise management who want to learn about digital transformation and the utilization of 5G networks in the industry.

In the data center industry, Schneider Electric has long been a strategic partner for the construction of reliable, efficient and sustainable data center infrastructure. Schneider Electric has helped the world’s largest data center to cope with energy consumption and increase efficiency. Schneider Electric has a range of products and solutions ranging from cooling, server racks, prefabricated data center modules, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and many more. In addition, Schneider Electric also has an EcoStruxure for Data Center solution, schneider’s next-generation management platform that integrates power, building, and IT management to increase resilience, agility, and produce better data center performance with predictive capabilities.

In Indonesia, EcoStruxure for Data Center has been used by most of the leading cloud & service providers to support the digital transformation of their data centers. Some of Schneider Electric’s clients include Lintasarta and Telkomsigma. EcoStruxure for Data Center has been proven to be able to increase energy consumption efficiency, energy cost efficiency, productivity increase, and data center uptime.